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Legal Support

GRG is not able to give legal advice on your case, but we are able to give you general information about the law and the types of issues that are relevant for full time grandparent and whānau/kin carers.  We can also refer members to the relevant agencies or information sources.

legal support for grandparents and whānau/kin carers
Understanding where to start in the Family Court system

Need help understanding where to start?

GRG has extensive expertise and knowledge of the Family Court system and common personal and family issues when raising someone else's child. Our advocacy service is free for all full-time grandparent and whānau/kin carers caregivers.

Contact us to get an understanding of the different pathways in and/or out of the court system. As well as gain some insight into family violence orders, guardianship or adoption orders, and day to day (custody) orders. Plus get some ideas about what contact with the birth parents, siblings, and/or other whānau members could look like.

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Where to get help:

Getting Legal Advice

If you do not know a suitable lawyer already:

Family Court Navigator Service | Kaiārahi o te Kooti-a-Whānau

This is a service that was first introduced in 2021.

The Kaiārahi – Family Court Navigators help whānau and families with information, guidance, and support on their journey through the Family Court by helping with:

  • Understanding the language, processes, and outcomes of Family Court proceedings.
  • Where appropriate, accessing out-of-court services and support in the community to help reach agreement about the care of children.
  • Remaining engaged and involved in any Family Court proceedings by working to address any barriers that are preventing participation.
  • With agreement they can also connect you with other agencies and services in the community to support you as needed.

The Kaiārahi - Family Court Navigators are a free service, but they do not give legal advice.

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Phone or visit a Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB)

Citizens’ Advice Bureaus around New Zealand provide information about the law. Some may be able to provide initial legal advice.

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Phone or visit a Community Law Centre

Community Law Centres provide information and other legal help. Their services are particularly for people who cannot afford to pay private legal fees. They are able to give legal advice on your case.

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Legal Support

Help with understanding the Family Court system

There have been recent, and very significant, changes to the Family Court system and how disputes involving children are resolved.

Visit the new Family Justice website

Legal Aid

Legal Aid is government funding to pay for legal help for people who cannot afford a lawyer.

It is available for people facing criminal charges, and those with a civil legal problem or family dispute (including family matters) that may go to court, as well as for the Waitangi Tribunal.

Find out more about Legal Aid

Legal Support