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Education & Training

Education & Training

Educational Initiatives for Caregivers

GRG's specifically developed one-day workshops are free for our members, ensuring whanau caregivers have access to relevant education and training programmes.

Simply Acquired and Learned Techniques™ or SALT for short, has been uniquely designed for grandparent and whanau caregivers, because it recognizes the particular family dynamics experienced in these sorts of family breakdowns, the stage of life for the caregivers, generational differences between the grandparent whanau caregivers and the children. Recognizing these differences enables the participants to share with others who face a similar circumstance, helping them to forge bonds of friendship and support with other participants.

This workshop programme offers caregivers with a practical insight and understanding of the impact of past trauma on a child or young person and how to effectively parent a child who may be exhibiting troubling or challenging behavior, guiding them safely to a point where the child feels safe, secure and able to respond from a position of reason rather than fear, anxiety or anger. 

For more information on the SALT programme and up-coming workshops please get in touch!

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What our research says...

Our Research studies published in 2005, 2009 and 2016 revealed that taking on the care of the children typically causes significant stress, economically and financially along with social isolation.

Our Lotteries Funded Research in 2016 showed that 41% of children in grandparent care are diagnosed with a psychological disorder or illness, impacting on the child's behavior. Some children are on the Autism Spectrum and others have been affected by their parent's drug or alcohol abuse while in utero and for some it is a result of past trauma, neglect and abuse. In each case the needs of the child are complex and their behavior can be troubling and challenging for their grandparents to manage. One of the key recommendations arising from all our studies is the importance of ongoing education, and practical learning experiences for caregivers.

What our members say about SALT...

“Such a worthwhile programme, with lots of useful strategies. I had 4 sessions with a child psychologist who was not able to give me anything like what I got from SALT.”

“This training really gave me a better understanding of how these very damaged kids behaved and how to understand how to help them, it also gave me support from other people in the same position as myself and sometimes just knowing that you are not alone can give you an extra boost to continue on the very challenging journey that you and your family have been on and what lies ahead.”

In the following video our Papakura and Pukekohe Support Coordinators, Shirley Afoa and Anne Doddrell talk about the SALT programme and the benefits of the programme from their experience.