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Our Impact

Our Impact

Our Impact

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren is proud of the impact of its work and track record of success supporting many thousands of families annually.
We are humbled and inspired by feedback from our whānau across the country, and for being acknowledged for the mahi of our team.

GRG, and our founder Di Vivian have been recognised regularly since inception, with awards for community service and excellence in the charitable sector. We are proud to have been acknowledged as the Mitre 10 Community of the Year at the annual Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year Awards in 2013 and have had the honour of being invited to government house on several occasions.

In 2021, GRG, working alongside other sector leaders was instrumental to achieve change to the Social Securities Act for grandparents to receive the Unsupported Childs Benefit (and related entitlements) when taking on care of their grandchildren. Previously, a one-year of care eligibility rule created significant inequities and hardship for our grandparents and their mokopuna. As a result, many thousands of grandparents raising grandchildren across New Zealand were better off and this change continues to positively impact many lives.

GRG seeks feedback regularly from its members as part of our commitment to continuous improvement. The following comments are representative of the experience and feedback from our members:

“I was stressed and felt abused by the system until I asked for help from GRG. With their support my family’s life improved significantly. Without GRG I’d still be overwhelmed and intimidated. They’re an amazing organisation that stands up for your rights when nobody else will.”

"Absolutely mind-blowing information. Relevant to what I'm trying to do with my moko and how some of my behaviours can change to help my whanau."

"Without GRG's guidance and help I would not have known what I had to do to get legal custody of the children."

ImpactLab Social-Profit Report

In 2022, GRG was fortunate to receive funding to undergo an impact assessment by ImpactLab, to gain insights into the measurable social value created by our mahi. ImpactLab takes a highly scientific approach to measure tangible and intangible inputs and outputs of social-profit (charitable) organisations.Click on the link provided to see the full ImpactLab report. Suffice to say, GRG was very pleased to understand that for every $1 dollar invested in our mahi, we achieve a measurable good of $4.10.

Full Report

Performance Reporting

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren produces an Annual Report or “Performance Report” that includes key data on members, achievements, impact, and financial performance at the conclusion of every financial year.

Click on the link provided to view current and past Performance Reports to dig deeper into our mahi across New Zealand.

Annual Reports