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Caregiver Workshops & Courses

Caregiver Workshops & Courses

Bringing up a child whether it is your own or someone else’s can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in your life and many of our members tell us of the joy they experience and the sense of purpose it can bring into their lives. 

However it isn’t without its challenges and for so many caregivers, the children they raise have had a rough start to their lives which makes the parenting role so much more challenging than for most parents.

The abuse and neglect that these children have suffered in their lives up until the time they come into care has an impact.  The extent of that impact is unique to each child, but the good thing is that there is help available to understand, to relate and to re-shape these precious children.

GRG recommends attending caregiver and parenting courses to assist you on your caregiver journey.

"I have completed the training available to caregivers including the caregiver certificate course and feel very strongly that all caregivers should complete at least the short 2 day certificate of knowledge over say the first 12 months of amazes me how many carers out there have no training and support and these children are not the same as our own to bring up as they have so many problems that are hidden and need bringing out to be dealt with.”
GRG Member

Brainwave Trust Presentations

One of the most enlightening presentations you can ever attend on the development of the brain at the different ages and stages of a child's development through to adolescence and adulthood is a Brainwaves Trust Aotearoa presentation.  GRG highly recommends

Caregiver Workshops

GRG works collaboratively with Caring Families Aotearoa to promote resources and support for all caregivers raising someone else's child.  CFA's workshops are available to anyone in New Zealand who is caring for someone else's child, including agency caregivers, respite carers, grandparent and whānau caregivers.


FASD-CAN provides a wealth of helpful resources, training events and courses for caregivers and whānau to help educate them with strategies to provide better support for children and young people affected by Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Mind Over Manner - Workshops

Mind Over Manner presented a Workshop at our 4th National GRG Caregivers and Members Summit 2016. 

For individuals who experience sensory processing differences, ordering priorities or meeting the expectations of others and the world around them frequently results in anxious, confused or oppositional behaviour.

Children and teenagers may be undiagnosed and high functioning or diagnosed with such labels as Autism, Aspergers, OCD, ADHD, DYSPRAXIA, ADD, ODD and many others.

The caregivers of these children and teenagers discover the standard parenting rules or boundaries do not apply or cannot resonate with the way their children or teenagers think and act.  In each case it can create significant challenges for all concerned.

MIND OVER MANNER Workshops looks at how to adjust their negative world view, to recognise the onset of a meltdown and how manage a positive meltdown recovery process for all of those involved. It uses Applied Theatre Techniques and works with theatre practitioners to re-construct highly-charged events drawn from life experiences and exercises that deliver “active-reality” scenarios so that participants have the chance to reassess their responses to these most difficult moments.

It is a workshop like no other and is guaranteed to be an extremely valuable ,entertaining and eye opening experience.

Click here for more information from the Mind Over Manner website and their upcoming workshops.

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