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Robyn Hargreaves

Robyn Hargreaves – Tarurua

Hi, I’m Robyn Hargreaves from Dannevirke, Tararua. I’ve raised five children who are now raising their own, and I have 11 grandchildren aged 19 to 11 months. One grandson has been with me since birth and is soon turning 11. My home is bustling with my youngest, her partner, her 6-year-old son, and my grandson’s stepdad, not to mention our numerous pets. We’re like a busy train station, with family members coming and going for catch-ups or after-school activities, all living within a 10-minute radius. Our close-knit family values love and togetherness, which is crucial in today’s world. This supportive environment fuels my passion. That’s why I’ve taken on the role of GRG Tararua. I’ve faced challenges and hardships, especially raising a grandchild with unique needs. Grandparents and whanau carers are the backbone of GRG and I want to give back by sharing my knowledge and experiences to support others proactively. It’s comforting to know we’re not alone and that there’s someone to walk alongside us on this journey when we need it.

To find out more about the Tarurua Support Group, get in touch with our national office.

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