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Colleen Saunders

Colleen Saunders – Southland

Born in Temuka, I'm married with two adult children. Among our four grandchildren, two live with us, legally raised for 11 years. They spend weekends with their dad, which is always a treat. Our other two grandchildren live with their parents. It's great to be able to spoil them and send them home.

Previously employed at New World, I left to care for the boys. Lately, I've been taking my grandsons to play squash, which has been a blast. I'm also focusing on getting fit and healthy through aqua jogging and walking. It's a long journey, but a positive one.

I enjoy our meetings for grandparents raising grandchildren. They're informal, offering a chance to enjoy a cup of tea and chat. It's also where friendships blossom, and we realise we're not alone in the challenges we face.

To find out more about the Southland Support Group, get in touch with our national office.

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