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Watching the boys overcome so many issues and being part of their lives. Being able to help them make peace with what life has thrown at them. Being able to make them smile when they were sad, laugh when they wanted to cry and accept that what happened to them was never their fault. And listening to them on quiet nights chatting to each other about what they want to do when they grow up..." GRG Member

For many of us who have experienced trauma in our lives, whether it is as a result of accidents, natural disasters like earthquakes or due to abusive personal relationships the pain and emotional trauma doesn't always go away or heal with time.  

For some it gets worse with day-to-day triggers catapulting you back in time so that you feel like you are reliving the shock and trauma over and over again.

The first step to recovering from the trauma is resolving to take that first step and acknowledging that the trauma exists in an unchangeable past.

Living a life beyond trauma and learning to deal with the consequences of what has happened is a necessary stage on your journey both for you as a caregiver and for your grandchild.   Reassure your grandchild of your love, how proud you are of them and that your home is a safe place for them to grow and be happy.  Encourage your grandchild to learn new things and explore their world.  Keep them busy and encourage their talents.

Take whatever opportunities you can for outside help such as counselling and therapy.  Join a GRG support group or call 0800 GRANDS for assistance from one of our advocates.

If your grandchild is gifted or shows talent in some way - consider applying for extra funding to foster their development through the Extraordinary Care Fund or through other avenues such as Generosity New Zealand's GiveMe service which is accessible through your local library online computer portal.

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About us 

Grandparents Raising GrandchildrenTM Trust NZ (GRG) is a registered Charitable Trust operating throughout New Zealand providing support services to grandparents who are raising their grandchildren on a full-time basis. Our vision is for a community where grandparents raising grandchildren are empowered to provide a safe, secure and nurturing home for their grandchildren.

Charities Commission Registration CC20205

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Te tautoko i nga tupuna, mokopuna me te whanau.
Te awhina ia ratou ki te whakatutuki i nga putanga
pai i roto i to raatau oranga.
Supporting grandparents, grandchildren and whanau
to achieve positive outcomes in their lives.  



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