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Good Reads

   Below are some good reads on a range of topics 


Tell your children-388 Tell Your Children The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence; by Alex Berenson

Award-winning writer and former New York Times reporter, Alex Berenson, like so many grew up with a libertarian view on drugs that "people ought to be allowed to make their own mistakes",   "marijuana is safe" and "nobody ever died from smoking too much pot"! Right?

When a comment by his wife, a psychiatrist, made a comment about the "big studies" saying otherwise, and that maybe he should read them - he did.

Berenson's in-depth exposé on the history of marijuana use in society, research and the evidence of its effects, reveals the disturbing link between teenage use of cannabis, mental illness and psychoses and dispels the myths that have been propagated about cannabis that are used to promote legalisation for recreational use in society. 

For anyone raising and educating children today, this is a must read.

Ice Storm - Christina Stroud-689

Band aids - Christina Stroud-587
Christina Stroud is a leading expert on in meth-addiction recovery.  She gave an eye-opening presentation exposing the realities of the dirty drug methamphetamine and its prevalence in New Zealand at the GRG Trust NZ's 4th National Caregivers and Members Summit 2016 on 7 September 2016.

Her presentation gave a unique insight into the strategies for recovery, what works, what doesn't and the many myths surrounding addicts and rehabilitation programmes.

Her approach and strategies for addicts and her advice for everyone affected by this filthy drug is a must-read for all grandparent and whanau carers.

For more information about Christina's work with addicts please go to and to purchase her insightful books please click on the book images at left. 
Resilient Grandparents Caregivers-637

The Sacred Work

book of Bes for website 2
Resilient Grandparent Caregivers: A Strengths-Based Perspective
By Bert Hayslip, JR., Gregory C. Smith. 
Routledge © 2012 
This excellent book is available from a number of online bookstores or you could enquire with your local bookseller quoting the ISBN number above to order.

The Sacred Work Of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Paperback – August 8, 2011 by Elaine K. Williams
ISBN 978-1-45253-675-0

How often in this life are we really kind to ourselves?  How often does the inner voice heap on us unnecessary anxiety and worry rendering the colour of our external world and all its demands a positively vanilla shade by comparison to the colour of our own thoughts? If we are honest about it—we all do it.
Carol Meyer’s Little Book of Be’s is “a call to us all to do less and BE more” encapsulating  in her 12 Be’s all you could ever need as a guide to happiness in the present, dissolving the thought patterns that hold us back from our goals and desires. 
Carol is offering grandparents raising grandchildren the opportunity to purchase an e-reader copy of her book for $2 and is generously donating half to GRG. To order your copy of the e-book simply click here. 



About us 

Grandparents Raising GrandchildrenTM Trust NZ (GRG) is a registered Charitable Trust operating throughout New Zealand providing support services to grandparents who are raising their grandchildren on a full-time basis. Our vision is for a community where grandparents raising grandchildren are empowered to provide a safe, secure and nurturing home for their grandchildren.

Charities Commission Registration CC20205

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to achieve positive outcomes in their lives.  



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